An Introduction

After appealing to twitter for help on what to write for my very first post on this blog, the most sensible answer came in the form of an introduction – something that would inform you, dear reader, about myself, where I came from, and where I hope to go.

I was born in New Zealand, and moved to the United Kingdom approximately a decade ago, fated to discover TTRPGs for myself shortly afterwards. Dungeons & Dragons was already on my radar in one way – an ex boyfriend used to play 4e with his friends – but my first experience of playing a tabletop game was with a World of Darkness one shot, held in an abandoned church in the middle of the night. Atmospheric, confusing, and the beginning of a new hobby that would come to dominate all others.

Since then, I’ve DMed both D&D5e and the Dragon Age RPG, played in a whole lot of campaigns, and written a bunch of my own stuff, which you can find on the My Work page. 

When it comes to writing, for both TTRPGs and creatively, I focus on character. In many forms of storytelling it’s the characters who bring these tales to life; they are who we fall in love with, root for, despise, or conspire against. A rich world is nothing without the people who inhabit it, and my ability to bring characters to life is what I pride myself on. If you want to read more about why I write, and my experience with writing and designing, you can do so here.

My intention for this blog is to not only have a space to highlight my creations but also as a place to share opinions and excerpts of my creative writing. In November this year I plan to participate in NaNoWriMo and will be posting regular updates of my progress throughout. Please feel free to say hi in the comments, and make sure you are following me on Twitter for updates!