My Work

Below you can find the various works I have produced and have available for download through

Live like every day is trash day!

Trash Pals is a light-hearted tabletop RPG where players work together as a group of animal friends looking for the best trash haul of their lives! Play as a raccoon, an opossum, a stray cat or an urban fox as you sniff out only the best half-empty takeout containers and cheese wrappers that humans can throw away, and work together to mitigate barriers between you and your ultimate haul.  You only have one night!

Trash Pals uses the Caltrop Core system by Titanomachy.  All you need to play are these rules, a piece of paper and writing utensil, and some four sided dice!

Cosmic chaos in a cab…

Space Taxi is a zany Tabletop RPG for 1-4 players and a GM, where players are all passengers of the same taxi taking them on a journey through outer space! Each character type has their own goal to complete before the trip is over, and will encounter all kinds of things along the way. But watch out for the Space Cats – these adorable little fluffballs can be as mischeivous as they are cute!

Space Taxi uses the Caltrop Core system by Titanomachy.  All you need to play the game are pencils and erasers, a deck of regular playing cards and some four sided dice!

Stick it to the man!

The College of Counterculture is a Bard subclass option for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Inspired by the attitudes of countercultures and music from the 1960’s to 1990’s, this subclass is for bards who want to reject authority and press the need for change through their performances.

The downloadable ZIP file includes 2 full colour PDFs (pages and spreads) as well as a 2 page, black & white printer friendly version.  

They do say that true love never dies…

Venture into the strangely pristine Myrtle Cottage, where retirees June and Reginald Myrtle once made a warm, happy home. That was decades ago, however, and recent reports indicate that something strange is going on in the couple’s sweet abode. 

The Haunting of Myrtle Cottage is a 5E compatible adventure aimed at a group of Level 2 players, though can easily be adjusted for higher levels and slides well into a larger campaign.

The ZIP file includes both full colour and printer-friendly PDFs including monster stat blocks and loot, handouts and maps.

Coming soon: Creation Myths

Creation Myths is an upcoming solo writing game based on the hero’s and heroine’s journey storytelling templates. It is dice-led with prompts, and will help players create a full TTRPG character and backstories, or can be used as an aid for writing inspiration.