TTRPG Original Character Interview with Krol

Hey there and welcome to another TTRPG Community interview! These are low key, prewritten interviews which are available to fill out on this page. If you are a part of the TTRPG space in almost any way at all, there should be something for you!

Today, we have a very special guest – we’re hearing from Krol, an adventurer from far far away!

Please introduce yourself! What is your name, and where do you come from?

I am Krolsthur Tion Sinsal of the Munro Primeheart Clan – but you can call me Krol.

Tell us about the world that you come from. Is there anything special or unique about it?

Aren’t all worlds special and unique, especially to those who inhabit them? As someone that has happened to travel to a new world, that has been my experience.

Nevertheless, I come from a world called Theros. It is full of rich culture and history. I lived on the Plains of Oreskos amidst others of my kind. But it has been several years now since I was home. I have been traveling in another land that I believe most of your readers will refer to as ‘The Forgotten Realms.’

How did you start adventuring? Did you have a career beforehand?

I grew up as a soldier, learning of ways to fight my enemies and protect my Clan. I worked my way up to become a Commander of the Leonin Alliance. Those proved to be adventurous years in and of themselves, but eventually I took those skills to suit other needs and seek new quests of my own. I have been doing so for several years now, at first helping to defend those who could not defend themselves, but lately for a more purposeful goal of helping to achieve peace.

Tell us about your family – do you have any siblings? What are your parents like?

I grew up as an only child to well-respected parents: Ashka Lightclaw and Traxor Pior Sinsal, Leonin nobles of Oreskos. They were kind and supportive, but firm and stubborn in their wishes for me to become a soldier and bond with a suitable companion within the Clan. My mother very much enjoyed games and sport. My father favored military strategy and physical training. I developed a fondness for both. They died of natural causes about fifteen years ago when I was still rising in the ranks of our military forces. They saw neither the full achievements I would receive in our society, nor the social graces I would eventually disregard.

Do you currently adventure with a group or are you more of a loner?

I currently travel with an amazing and diverse group – fierce and clever and enthusiastic about bringing peace to their homeland. They found me at a low point, but at a timely one as I was ready to strike out on the next great adventure of my life.

Do you have a significant other, or are you crushing on anyone at the moment? Why don’t you tell us about them?

I have only had one true love – the Lady Demathe Windtail Kece of Tethmos, destined to be the great Pridemother of Theros. I… do not know if she attained the position. For her safety, I decided to leave my home and have not seen her since. Our proposed union was rejected by her parents. So much so that they orchestrated an assassination attempt on her life. She tried to warn me, but I would not listen. And when she nearly died, I knew her parents would do anything possible to keep us apart. Rather than put her at even greater risk, I fled.

She was graceful, clever, and made me laugh – which may sound simple, but it is no small task to break my stoic demeanor. Yet she did so with ease. I miss her terribly, but I could never allow her to be undone by my own selfish desires. I hope that she has found happiness in my absence, but I fear I will never truly know. The price on my head is too great, such that I doubt I shall ever be able to return home.

What special skills do you have that have proven useful to you while adventuring?

Well, I must admit, as my old training master once told me: “You can’t teach size.” Most Leonin, such as myself, are impressive sights, but as a 7’1″, 350 pound creature with canines and claws that could pierce armor, my ability to thwart attacks as a defensive champion has proven quite valuable I would say.

Are you currently on an important quest? Would you like to tell us a bit about that?

As I mentioned earlier, my quest is of the utmost importance. Peace on the continent and respite from the forces working toward chaos and conquest. Such a noble goal was perhaps the only thing that could pull me from my doldrums. My companions found me shortly after recovering from a dangerous poison, deep in the Underdark – where I’d made my home for some time.

Now, we face these nefarious forces together, and though small in number, we are great in deed and are currently moving forward with that goal.

Have you learned any important lessons since becoming an adventurer? What are they?

Yes, be careful what you wish for. I sought to leave my home behind, but never did I expect to fall through a portal to an entirely different world. One just never knows where the next step shall lead.

Are you religious? If so, tell us about your religion and who you worship? Do they provide you with any special gifts?

I respect those who show devotion to their faith, but I have little patience for gods personally. They play with mortals for amusement, manipulating them for fun and on a whim. They are mostly a nuisance, yet the ideals they expect others to strive toward can be deadly. I believe that no ideals are worth killing or waring over, so I am happy to mostly ignore the influence of religion.

Describe the toughest battle you’ve ever fought.

A few weeks ago I was shot several times in a battle guns that could expel poisonous bullets that exploded once inside you. I took one shot to the face at point blank range, but I’m still standing.

What’s the greatest piece of treasure you’ve ever found? Do you still have it?

Most of my treasures were left behind in Theros, and I have never been too attached to physical belongings. My clan is nomadic, and I learned as a child to carry only what is needed.

What do you like to do during your downtime in between adventures? Do you have any hobbies?

As I mentioned earlier, I dabble in the interests of my parents – game, sport, and training. But perhaps more interesting is my latest endeavor to learn and memorize spells. I recently undertook self-guided training to develop the skills of an Eldritch Knight. Since I began the training, I have spent considerable time researching abjuration and evocation magic. So when my quest allows for some waiting time, I often fall back to these studies.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to others thinking of embarking on an adventuring lifestyle?

Find a group that supports and cares for you and welcomes you such that you want to support and care for them. These bonds are like family and they make all the risks we take worthwhile.

If you were able to say one thing to your arch nemesis right now, what would it be?

Your rule allows people to suffer and justice to be denied. I hope you find your grave so you can jump in it.

Tell us a fact about yourself that others might struggle to believe.

I invented a game that use six-sided dice to settle disputes rather than violence.

Which subject do you wish you knew more about?

Arcana, though I am studying as best I can.

What is your favourite smell?

The smell of the tall grasses as wind rushes over them after a light rain.

Would you rather own a horse the size of a cat or a cat the size of a horse?

I am a cat the size of a horse.

Do you believe in luck?

I believe people believe in luck, which is what really matters.

How many chickens do you think it would take to defeat a lion in battle?

No chickens have defeated me yet.

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