TTRPG Community Interview with Matt from MimicsNMisfits

Hey there and welcome to another TTRPG Community interview! These are low key, prewritten interviews which are available to fill out on this page. If you are a part of the TTRPG space in almost any way at all, there should be something for you!

Today, we’re hearing from Matt, producer and lead GM of MimicsNMisfits!

[ Note from gothHoblin: This interview was filled out earlier this year, thus some dates are in the past. ]

Please introduce yourself and your stream or podcast!

Hi, I’m Matt, and I’m the producer and lead GM of the MimicsNMisfits channel on Twitch and Youtube. We’re a growing stream that has been rolling dice on the internet for a little over a year, and streaming for going on 3. I’ve been playing tabletop games since I was 12 when I got the D&D 3rd Edition starter set for my birthday, and haven’t looked back.

If you run an AP, let us know about the setting of the game and your players (with their consent – feel free to add social media so folks can find and follow them).

Our upcoming actual play is a Dead Space inspired Starfinder adventure, played in 3d using the wonders of Talespire. Our casting is still ongoing until April 11th, so folks haven’t been chosen yet. It’ll be kicking off on Monday, May 1st, fingers crossed. Just in time for our 3 year anniversary.

The last game I ran was called Death’s Lost, a game where the god of death was captured. All throughout the land folks could run amok with no consequences, leading to a rise in villainy. We had an amazing cast, who you can find on Twitter. @clickclacksnac, @hoosha_kid, @AFluffyGoomba, @fragtwitch, and Steve, who avoids social media but hangs out in our Discord.

How did you get started with your stream or podcast? What motivated you to begin?

Everything started in the midst of the pandemic, a friend and I were texting about how long it had been since we’d hung out. We started playing video games together, and she jokingly said we should just stream all of our antics and see what happens. That was May of 2020, and we kicked things off playing Sea of Thieves. It was pretty funny listening back too because she didn’t share her audio, so it was just me talking to the ether and answer questions no one could hear.

How far in advance do you plan your streams/episodes? Where do you get your inspiration from?

Originally everything happened on the fly, outside of normal game prep for a ttrpg adventure. Now I try to plan things out a little better, I’ve been working on the maps and setting for SRS Polaris for around 3 months, with the goal of finishing writing the final details up shortly before the stream begins in May.

What’s something new that you’ve learned about yourself since beginning your journey with streaming?

Scheduling is definitely not my strong suit, I thought I had a really good handle on the pacing of adventures, combat and more. Scheduling those things to fit into time blocks has been an interesting task in coordinating with everyone at the table, and keeping the pace of the game moving to end at a satisfying point. Preferably without going over the time slot, which I try to avoid since we play on a weeknight.

What motivates you to continue streaming?

Sharing stories with people and getting to read their reactions, or talk with them in our discord about how much they enjoy the game really keeps things going. You get to build relationships with the players at the table, and the audience gets a brief peek into your thought process as the story plays out.

What are your favourite TTRPG systems?

I always want to play Wild Talents, it’s probably one of the systems I’ve had the most fun with just because you can do anything. Recently I’ve discovered Cypher System and Fate, which both also allow you to really wander down a creative path with character abilities too.

Do you think any particular system is more suitable for streamed/audio play as opposed to live games? Why do you think this?

I think any system can be played, though for streamlining content the less crunchy the system the better it will be. I’m all for rolling dice though, and a lot of VTT’s have made systems that require a lot of number crunching much easier as it handles all of the nonsense for you.

Are you a part of the LGBTQIA2S+, BIPOC, AAPI, Disabled or any other marginalised community?

Our core group of editors, designers, and moderators consists of folks from the LGBTQIA2S+ community, and I have ADHD.

If yes, is this reflected in the content you create? How important do you think it is for folks of all identities to feel recognised within the streams they watch and podcasts they listen to?

We strive to be inclusive, which means bringing in characters and NPC’s from all walks of life and pronouns. When I GM it is absolutely apparent that I have ADHD, especially if I don’t have notes. Nothing like a player asking a question and your mind going blank to really showcase it.

Of all of the streams or episodes you’ve created, which one was your personal favourite?

Death’s Lost has so far been my favorite, it was a short campaign of 5 episodes. Before doing it I was considering leaving the tabletop streaming scene, as I wasn’t having as much fun rolling dice anymore. The group that I played with really revitalized that spirit of adventure and got me writing again.

Shout out a fellow creator! Who in the TTRPG community inspires you? Why do you admire them/their work?

SuperDillin (She/He/They) was one of the first folks in the tabletop community that really inspired me to click “GO LIVE” with a tabletop game. She makes all manner of tabletop content, both actual plays and modules. His games feature great themes, and range from traditional groups to solo or two player RPG’s. They actually just put out a bundle in October of 2022 with AndreRiveraArt (He/They), 21 games, modules and more, that is so worthwhile to look into.

Dillin is a strong source of positivity in the community, and the games he plays are engaging, fun, and hopeful. You can find both Dillin and Andre on The Atomless with a whole cast of other awesome foks.

[Note from gothHoblin: Check out my interview with SuperDillin here!]

What’s the next project people will see from you?

Our upcoming actual play is a Dead Space inspired Starfinder adventure, which will be kicking off on May 1st. Otherwise I can be found regularly on Mondays at 7:30 pm EST playing some game or another just keeping my timeslot active while we wait for the next grand adventure.

Are you playing in any TTRPG campaigns at the moment? Tell us about your favourite character!

Currently I’m playing an Android Monk, after recently losing my Human Inventor in a pathfinder 2e game. My favorite character so far has got to be Bob The Unboxer though, who I played recently in a game of Fate. He was a necro-cheese wizard, capable of very strong necromantic magics but only while eating cheese, and there was a cheese shortage in the world.

If you could listen to only one song for the next 7 days, which one would you choose?

My current hyper fixation of a song is Hell’s Comin’ With Me by Poor Mans Poison, or Good Morning by Max Frost

If time, money and skill were no object, what would your ultimate cosplay/Halloween costume be?

I would really like to cosplay some of the characters, and NPC’s that have been in my games. Money being no object, I think I would get fully decked out with a giant set of wings and do up a half-dragon NPC from and old campaign.

Where should folks go to find out more about you, and/or check out your content?

You can find us everywhere as MimicsNMisfits, we primarily stream on Twitch and do social type things on Twitter, but we have a slight footprint on Facebook and TikTok as well.

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