About me

My name is Emma, and I’m a creative writer and graphic designer based in the United Kingdom. I have been writing creatively for most of my life, and I especially take pride in my character creation and development skills. 

I write because I enjoy stepping out of my own life for a little while and seeing a different world through the eyes of someone else; I love to explore a character’s motivations and opinions and shape their experience of their world to better understand my own. I love the idea that something I produced has the power to inspire imagination, inspiration and excitement in others. I wholly believe in the power of great storytelling and constantly aspire to share it with others through my own creativity.

TTRPG & Creative Writing

I am both an avid TTRPG player and GM and spend much of my spare time involved with the TTRPG community, whether it be via social media or through discord groups. You can find me on Twitter at @gothHoblin. I am usually involved in a large number of games at once, and I have produced a range of titles for both D&D fifth edition and Caltrop Core, all of which are available on itch.io. I am currently working on a rules light, solo writing game of my own design. 

In 2022 I was selected to write for the Tome of Pacts Zine, an upcoming zine focusing on imagining new types of warlock patrons and those who deal with them. This involved collaborating with multiple artists to collectively envision and bring to life these characters from concept through to finished stages. 

I have spent many years writing creatively for my own personal interest, including as part of collaborative RP forums which require proactive work and discussion between multiple writers. As an administrator of these forums, I have a lot of experience with character creation and development, proofreading and editing others, as well as worldbuilding and the creation of faction groups, character types/classes, etc. I am also currently working on telling the adventures of one of my longest running TTRPG campaigns in novel format.

For more information on individual titles, please check out my work. I am available and interested in further opportunities to do more work with both D&D and other systems.

Professional Blogging & Articles

I have experience blogging and article writing in both a professional and personal capacity. In 2021 I was published in Skrift Magazine, and also have experience writing for company blogs. 

In the dark ages, as a member of the Quest! writing team for MMOSite.com and previously for omgRPG.com, I wrote a column focused on social issues in World of Warcraft. I have also written a number of album reviews for Ambient Light, a New Zealand based music and photography blog.